Lynda Gunning


What can I say, Lyn has been with us for longer than I can remember.

She is a light at the end of the tunnel and excels at everything she does, she started as a trainee body piercer, and knows all about studio etiquette she now looks after us all, doing all sorts of things from body piercing, ordering stock to reception.

She has been training as a tattooist for a couple of years and now has a full complement of clients.

Anybody who knows Lyn will tell you she changes her appearance on a daily basis, and has a natural flare in everything she does.

More importantly she has the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face, and put them at ease, so when I needed an apprentice she was the obvious choice.

Lyn has now been tattooing for about two years, she has developed a style of her own, preferring to do off the wall or your own designs and is quite willing to draw something special for you.

More importantly she now has no limitations. And can adapt well to all that is asked of her.

She has a nice portfolio and is still number one for piercing. She is coming along nicely.

So come on down and give her a try, you won’t be disappointed.